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Understanding the Surgical procedure

Breast Reduction

Eliminate the discomfort

A breast reduction is often recommended when women experience extreme discomfort that causes chronic shoulder, neck, back and joint pain.  Sometimes the breasts can be so large that they interfere with exercise and activities of daily living.  Along with the discomfort, many women claim to experience a lack of confidence in their appearance.

Our goal is to provide women with smaller breasts that will assist in alleviating the chronic pain and provide the confidence they desire.   During the surgery, incisions will be made in the breasts to remove fat, tissue, and skin from the area before carefully reshaping the breasts into a more appealing form. The type and direction of incisions made depend on the size of your breasts, the amount of reduction desired, and other factors.

How is breast reduction performed?

Breast reduction is performed on an outpatient basis, meaning that you do not have to stay overnight. The surgery takes about an hour to perform and requires a general anesthetic. During the procedure both the extra skin and fatty tissue are removed and the nipple is generally raised after the procedure

What incisions are used for breast reduction?

Lollipop incision or Lejour is the most common incision that we use. In this procedure the scar runs around the areola (pink area around the nipple) and then down the centre part of the breast – there is no scar under the breast.  This procedure tends to give a nice shape to the breast after surgery. However, for this technique to work well, liposuction is also required to the bottom and outsides of the breast. Liposuction is not covered under OHIP

Inverted T or Wise pattern is the most traditional way of performing a breast reduction. With this incision the scar runs around the areola then down the centre part of the breast and then under the breast crease. Generally we reserve this incision for women who have very large breasts

Liposuction only breast reduction can be performed using liposuction only with the proper candidate. With this procedure there is only a very small scar hidden under the breast. This procedure works well for women whose breast is mainly composed of fatty tissue and when the nipple is in the centre part of the breast (not sagging).

Liposuction to axillary rolls / side of breast

A lot of women have extra skin and fat that runs down the side of their breasts, that area that bulges in a bra.  This area is a concern to most women; however this is not part of the breast and therefore is not corrected with a breast reduction. The only way to reduce this is with liposuction at the time of the breast reduction. This component is not covered by OHIP.  Liposuction to the side of the breast makes for a more aesthetic appearance after breast reduction

Can a breast reduction be combined with other procedures?

It is not uncommon for women to undergo another procedure at the same time as their breast reduction. The most common procedure that our patients combine with breast reduction is a tummy tuck. We have had patients combine breast reduction with liposuction to the legs, eyelid surgery, neck surgery, facial surgery etc.

Many women are surprised to learn that breast reduction surgery most often is considered a medically necessary procedure that is covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan.

Breast Reduction FAQ's
Women considering breast reduction surgery should be aware that, because it is a major surgical procedure, a full physical recovery can take several weeks.

Most women who undergo breast reduction surgery can return to work after 10 days to two weeks, but strenuous activity – including sexual activity and arousal, which could cause your breasts to become enflamed around the incisions – is to be strictly avoided for at least three weeks after your surgery

Breast reduction is a major surgical procedure, often requiring the removal of a substantial amount of body tissue. Therefore, it does carry with it some inherent risks. Infection, loss of nipple sensation, complete or partial loss of the nipple/areola, asymmetrical breasts, and uneven nipple height are all possible side effects after surgery. Bra size after surgery cannot be determined before hand. At your consultation, we will go thru the surgery and its risks in detail.

However, qualified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Sean Brian Rice, whose patients throughout the North York and Toronto area have enjoyed dramatic transformations with breast reduction surgery, prides himself on delivering amazing results while trying avoiding these and other complications to the greatest extent possible.

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