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What are Radiation Tattoos?

Radiation tattoos are a series of permanent freckle-sized dots tattooed on the skin that technicians use to align radiation beams for targeted cancer treatments to ensure that the radiation directly hits the spot that needs treatment.

Does Radiation Tattoo Removal Require a Consultation?

A consultation is scheduled before a patient can receive treatment to determine how many treatments are needed, as many factors come into play such as the color of the ink and the density of the ink. The blue or black ink used to mark these spots is hard to remove but with PicoSure, radiation tattoos are erased with fewer treatments and with greater ease than ever before. Once the consultation is completed and the patient has clearance from their oncologist, treatment may begin.

If you are ready to have your radiation tattoo removed and have had clearance from your oncologist, contact Rice Cosmetic Surgery at (416) 391-4048 to book your consultation.

Please note: Whether or not you should remove tattoos after completing radiation therapy varies based upon your diagnosis and health. It is very important to first consult with your oncologist prior to having your tattoo removed.

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