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Mastopexy or Breast Lift Toronto Surgery

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A breast lift or mastopexy is a surgical procedure in which the goal is to lift the nipple higher on the breast while not removing any volume (as would be done with a breast reduction).  This returns the breast to a higher more youthful position.

You can’t fight Mother Nature. In the end gravity always wins. The natural tendency is for the breast skin to lose its strength which in turn causes the skin to stretch and the breasts to fall. In medical terms this is known as ptosis or what our patients call droopy boobs.  This can also be accelerated by pregnancy, weight gain or weight loss.

Breast Lift and Cleavage

There is one important detail to be aware of regarding a breast lift, and that is cleavage. A breast lift does not always give you cleavage after the surgery, particularly if you have very drooping breasts with loose skin and not a lot of breast tissue. In order to get the cleavage, a great majority of women require a breast implant at the same time, also known as an augmentation mastopexy.  We can help you choose an implant that allows you to obtain cleavage without looking to big. For women worried about using a breast implant to obtain cleavage you can also use your own fat to obtain the same effect. At the time of breast lift / mastopexy we can harvest fat from the sides of your breast or from some other part of the body and transfer it to the upper part of the breast to obtain cleavage.  If you do not want to have surgery, remember cleavage can always be obtained with the help of a good push up bra.

Breast Lift Toronto Surgery

Breast lift / mastopexy needs to be performed under a general anaesthetic.  There are two common techniques that are used. One is the Lejour or lollipop incision and the other is the Wise pattern or inverted T incision. With the Lejour incision, the scar runs around the areola or pink area around the nipple and then straight down the centre of the breast. The Wise or inverted T pattern does the same, however there is also a scar under the breast crease as well.

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Lift Information
    In breast lift surgery, an incision is made in the breast, allowing excess skin and tissue to be removed so that the breast can be reshaped into a more appealing form. The incisions can be made from the lower breast crease to the area around the areola or in a circle around the areola, depending on the extent of lifting that is necessary and the type of breast lift procedure being used. Once the breast has been reshaped, the nipple and areola are repositioned higher on the reformed breast. The size of the areola can be reduced so that it better fits the reshaped breast.

    Some women combine a breast lift with breast augmentation or have breast implants placed during the breast lift procedure in order to further increase the size and shape of their breasts and more dramatically improve their appearance. Plastic cosmetic surgeon Dr. Sean Brian Rice can advise patients who visit his office serving the greater Toronto and North York area whether a breast lift and breast augmentation surgery is a viable option.

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    Full recovery from breast lift / mastopexy can take on average 2-4 weeks. In the early days you may experience some discomfort, swelling, and bruising in your breasts that may last for a week or longer.  After your surgery we cover the incisions along the breasts with small surgical band aids known as steri -strips and then a clear dressing that looks like saran wrap. With this dressing you are able to shower.

    After undergoing breast lift surgery, a surgical bra is required for 6 weeks post surgery to support your breasts and minimize unnecessary movement even while sleeping.  For several weeks after your procedure, you will need to avoid lying flat on your chest, even while sleeping. Avoid any vigorous work or activities, including hiking and sports that can raise your blood pressure, leading to bleeding along the incision line, however, some small amount of bleeding after surgery is normal. For most breast lift patients, it will take a month or longer for the bruising and swelling to decrease so that the results of the surgery can be seen and about 6 months for the breasts to take a natural shape again.

    There will be scars after surgery and it is important to note that everybody heals differently. In the initial stages, the scars can be very noticeable, red, and even bumpy. It takes about a year and a half for any scar to mature and over time, as the bruising and swelling decrease, the scars will lighten up and become smaller, usually appearing as thin lines on your skin. In most cases, scars from breast lift surgery will never disappear completely, however there are methods for lightening and partially concealing them. We supply our patients with a scar fading cream after surgery and it is very important to avoid getting the area sun burned as this can lead to a permanent colour change.

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